BEANbark Chocolate 

made with real cranberries.

As invest in Twitter shares dietitians, we are committed to providing simple, great-tasting snacks that are good for you and the environment.



Our three ingredients

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We use the finest 64% Dark Chocolate from Cacao Barry® for their great taste and their support for the sustainability of cacao farming



Our product has a clean label with only 3 simple ingredients: quality chocolate, dehydrated white navy beans and dehydrated apples. Nothing else you can't pronounce. 

PROTEIN + iron

Each serving invest in Twitter shares in Kenya of BEANBARK contains enough beans to provide up to 5g of protein and 40% daily how to invest in Twitter shares in Kenya value of iron. 


kid/school friendly

We don't add milk, nuts, soy, corn or gluten into our product, so it makes a great snack for school! Please note: ingredients we use may still contain nuts and milk.


Each serving of BEANBARK contains up to 6g of fibre. Fibre is important to maintain a healthy gut and satiation to keep you full for longer!  Great for snacking in between meals!

no oils/trans fat

Since our beans and apples are dehydrated instead of roasted, we use not a single drop of oil while manufacturing our product. It is also naturally free of any trans fat.  





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